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The Westford Glass Works 1857-1873

The late George E. Buck and his son, Edwin A., of Rutland, Mass., formed a tie with a past glass house of 19th Century Connecticut  Until the mid-1970s, they were the living relatives of E.A. Buck, prominent businessman and manufacturer of Ashford and Westford, Connecticut.

E.A.Buck.JPG Edwin still survives today, still living in Massachusetts. [Other descendents live in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Arizona, each of whom recently contacted the Museum of Connecticut Glass.]

E.A Buck was born in Ashford in 1832, and during his youth and early manhood taught school in his native town, according to the Willimantic Journal's 1894 souvenir edition owned by (the late) John J. Supina of Ashford, Connecticut.

E.A. Buck began business with a saw mill, developed a large trade in plow beams and handles, car timbers and other wood goods. He also operated several waterpower saw mills and employed a large number of men.