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The Westford Glass Works 1857-1873

Establishing the Westford Glass Works

In 1857, thirteen stockholders put up $18,000 in capital and formed the company.Among the largest holders were Thomas C. Cary, John S. Dean, C.L. Dean, Dan Chaffee, Edwin A. Buck and James Richmond. The factory produced a variety of bottles, jars, containers, demijohns and flasks, then in demand, very much like those made at the West Willington glassworks. They also produced quart ink bottles, wine bottles in varying sizes, demijohns from 1/4-gallon to 5-gallon, flasks in 1/2-pint to pint and quart sizes, handled jugs, schnapps pint and quart bottles, 1/2-pint to pint and quart porters. Tableware pieces included candlesticks. As noted earlier, there is evidence to show they shared moulds with Willington. The most popular Westford bottles are the marked flasks in 1/2-pint and pint molds, GII-65, GXIII-36 and GXIII-37. They reportedly made the GXIV-1 Travelers Companion Quart mold also. The colors associated with Westford were olive-amber, deep red-amber, medium amber, pale-green, deep olive-green and yellow-olive green.

This group of flasks are marked WESTFORD GLASS CO WESTFORD CONN.  Some have Sheafs of Wheat and another has LIBERTY with an eagle. The Quart molds are marked TRAVELERS COMPANION and are attributed to Westford. Back row molds are GXIV-1, pints are GXII-35, GXIII-36 and half-pint molds are GXIII-37 and GII-65.